Mob Psycho 100 Episode 4 Subbed

Mob Psycho 100 Episode 4 Subbed

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  • Pleasure


  • ★彡

    I love this anime and the fans they have I mean look at the comment below me…

  • Yup man

    Pure genius lol

  • complainer

    why does the blonde suddenly know about a group organization with 100 espers when just a few episodes ago he thought he was a special snowflake and the only one with esper powers
    did i miss something

    • Pre Tma

      He knew of them even then, remember he asked Mob “Are you a natural ?” Implying that he thought he was one of the “manufactured children” from Claw

  • Omar Ayach

    If i get the chance i’ll slap Mob in the face and wake him up from his slumber … you got psychic powers ! the fuck USE THEM, just if that fake guy that i cant remember his name did not exist …

    • That One Guy

      Yare yare daze. Mob is myboi. I am happy he isn’t a slob like most other characters in anime that want to abuse their powers.

    • gentlechaos

      wtf you must not have understood anything about this anime and what makes it amazing. Go watch some shitty shounen if you just want an OP Gary Stu handing red shirts their asses. Oh and Reigen is the funniest fucking thing about this anime.

    • BlackKiryuu

      Same here. It annoys the fuck out of me to know that he is just getting used by others. He never gets credit for what he does. Boi, if I had psychic powers I wouldnt abuse them, nope, not going to get imprisoned somewhere for being ‘dangerous’ but surely kicking some asses ( bad asses, criminals and such ) and enjoy life to the fullest.
      This anime is hilarious but highly irritating at the same time.